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General Information Trüki


Tallinna Reaalkool (Tallinn Secondary School of Science) was founded in 1881. Our school can look back on its history of 130 years, which makes it one of the oldest school's in the capital of Estonia. The aim has always been to give a good education especially in science and technology studies. However, the humanities, sports and music have not been forgotten.

Lessons are held in two separate buildings– the junior forms are taught in the "small building" and the senior forms are taught in the main building. The historical main building (built in 1884) was the first building constructed and built as a schoolhouse in Estonia.

  • 1881 - Petri-Realschule zu Reval (Tallinna Reaalkool) for boys was founded.
  • 1881 - 90- the official language was German
  • 1884 - the historical main building was built
  • 1890 - the school was named to Revalskoje Petrovskoje Realnoje Utšilištše.
  • 1890 - 1917- the official language was Russian.
  • 1918 - Estonian language became the official language at school.
  • 1954 - the doors were opened for both boys and girls.
  • 1982 - the first time the final school bell is celebrated in national costumes
  • 1997 - the first issue of the school newspaper Reaali Poiss (The Boy of Reaal) was printed
  • 2000 - the renovated main building is re-opened.
  • 2016 - today around 970 pupils are studying at Tallinna Reaalkool.


Customs and traditions

"The Spirit of Reaal"

In spite of the fact that the school has had many different names, many traditions have been kept alive and passed on from generation to generation. Our school has its own symbols: the school flag, the badge, the school ring, the black school cap with a golden star on it.

We also have our own anthem. The lyrics were written by Ilmar Mikiver, who graduated Tallinna Reaalkool in 1940.

Mr. Paul Ederberg who taught physics was a founder of so called "Pudi rida". This is a special way of walking to the events. Pupils are walking in one row following each other and holding hands on their back

The school has its own creed.

"One for all and all for one!"

Through decades certain ritual ceremonies have been followed, for example, school's birthday celebration, the ring-, badge- and the final school-bell ceremony.

The school's birthday celebration

Every year on the 29-th of September our school is celebrating its birthday. On that day all the students and teachers are gathering to the stadium to eat the birthday cake together.

Rings' Party

It is a traditional occasion (taking place since 1942) that takes place outside the schoolhouse and is organised by the classes that receive the school -rings. The main ritual is the redemption of the rings that is followed by the call "One for all and all for one!" Form masters and mistresses conduct the redemption process. The rings will be placed on the rapier. The oath to remain faithful to the principles of the school will be taken.

School Badge Party

In the autumn of their last school year, graduates get their school badges. In the evening, the badge party takes place. The party host and the hostess lead it. Everybody from the senior classes can attend the dance. At 9PM the graduates sing the younger students out of the school with this little verse Out, out of the schoolhouse, it s bedtime for those, who haven't got their badges on. Then the badges are collected in a cup and both students and teachers utter their wishes to the others.

The Final Bell - Graduation Ceremony

On the last day of school all the graduates come to school in national costumes. A festive meeting takes place and culminates in singing "The Leaving Song". In the afternoon all pupils from final grades gather to the Open Air Museum to celebrate it.


Our school is situated between the "Old Tallinn" and the "modern Tallinn". We may also say so about the atmosphere inside the school too. Our students study in a school that has a rich and vivid history; classes are held in a historical main building, however the learning environment is modernized- we have modern language-, science and computer-labs, library, gym, cafeteria. Despite that, it is the mentality of pupils, teachers and other staff members that has helped to preserve the school's atmosphere.

Today about 50 full-time and 20 part-time teachers are working here. Teachers are friendly and understanding. The pupil's needs are always taken into the consideration.

For years there has been a school-newspaper called Reaali Poiss that reflects the school life through pupils' eyes. It can be reached on the Internet or read as a school newspaper www.hot.ee/reaalipoiss/.

In order to give pupils a chance to join in the discussions of the most important questions, pupils have found a society REK. The President who is elected for one school year heads REK. The aim of the organization is to help to preserve ideas and traditions of the school and to organize activities and events.

The main activity in school is academic studies. To guarantee that pupils have good learning conditions the Board of Guardians and the Society of Care work at school hand in hand.

By the name of our school one can understand that it is a science-based school. Besides the general subjects that are mandatory, each pupil who is studying in gymnasium may choose between math and sciences or even languages to study in depth.

Participation in different national and international programs and competitions is getting more important every year.

Scientific achievements

National Olympiads in Mathematics, ICT and Sciences are held every year. Lots of pupils have participated in the National Olympiads and have achieved great results.
For example in 2015 our students won two gold medals, four silver medals, eight bronze medals and three diplomas at international Olympiads. One of the contestants, Carel Kuusk, won a gold medal in EU Natural Sciences, silver medal in Chemistry and a bronze medal in Biology.
Pupils also attend courses in the School of Sciences at the University of Tartu.


Sports has always been popular among our pupils. Our school does not have as great sports facilities as some other schools do. Despite this our pupils have always received good results in various competitions, especially in ball games. Football, volleyball and basketball teams have always been among the top ten teams within secondary schools in Tallinn.
One of the most famous sportsmen who has graduated our school is Georg Lurich, the best known Estonian wrestler with a world-wide reputation whose fame has withstood time. Starting from 2012 the Strength of Reaal is held, a competition where secondary school students can compete to win the title of the strongest man in school.
To boost sports a non-profit organisation The Sports Club was founded in September 2003.


There are a mixed choir, children's choir, elementary school choir, boys choir and different ensembles at the school. Their performances accompany festive gatherings and every spring a concert for students, teachers, parents and almni is organised. The choirs take part in several national and international competitions. In 2015, for example, the girls choir of the choir studio won the first place and a gold diploma in Kalamata song festival among folk and young people's choirs. In 2016 the mixed choir became first in JazzPopFest.


Our school is the best place to study and get the best education in Tallinn.


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